Monday, March 14, 2016

Recent Buy: American Railcar Inds Inc.

Look at all the deals on the market this morning, right?! I was happy to see when I woke up this morning that a lot of stocks had gone on discount (as they typically do on Mondays). With a coffee in one hand and my other hand on my TD application, I grabbed up a stake in ARII. If you don't know or aren't as familiar as you'd want to be of American Railcar, I urge you to read my previous post that contained a full review on the company.

With this purchase I was able to grab 17 shares at $41.77/share. I'll admit that it's not the best price of the day because I jumped at it right when the price started dropped instead of raising but I still feel very comfortable with the purchase. Like a kid running down the stairs to see that Santa had brought me a brand new choo choo train, I leaped on it like a spider monkey. 

The total purchase was as follows:

17 shares of ARII at $41.77/share, total purchase price: $720.08
**Commission fee of $9.99

This means that with this acquisition, I have added $1.60/share per year in dividend payouts or 3.83% dividend yield. This totals an added $27.20/year in dividends to my dividend harvest and I'll be able to capitalize on it immediately as the ex-dividend date hits this week. All in all, not bad for a days work. 

Let me know what you think. Do you currently hold ARII? Why or why not?


  1. Nice pick up. This is a name that does not really make the rounds among the dividend bloggers. I wrote about this company and sector a while back and mentioned TRN, GBX, RAIL and ARII of course. While I don't hold any names in the sector it's definitely interesting from a dividend perspective.

    1. It was definitely a chance move but I feel like almost all the discounts that are available now are some sort of bet. I'm just hoping that I've done my research correctly and that the bet pays off!