Thursday, April 7, 2016

Moving Forward - Seeking Alpha

Eventually we all reach a point where we have to continue growing outwards to go upward. That moment has happened for me. As of this week, I have started publishing articles for the blog exclusively through Seeking Alpha to expand my audience and gain further feedback on my thoughts. Their reader base is much greater than my own and this should help to breed new knowledge for myself and hopefully that should trickle down further into my readers.

This being said, I don't want to make any of you think that I will be letting this blog die. On the contrary, I plan to spread out the information rather than keep it only to this website. The articles that I write for Seeking Alpha should be articles that I wish more eyes to see so that they can be debating and discussed in a larger fashion than this blog currently sees. Smaller topics or simple updates will attempt to be posted to both Seeking Alpha and this blog together as non-exclusive articles. Smaller topics should include but will not be limited to such things as updates on my own stocks, dividend income, and random thoughts that don't seem to fit onto an investment website (life updates).

In conclusion, my wish is that with this change I will grow as a person. I understand that when topics are opened to a larger audience, sometimes a certain sting can come with them. I hope to harness this feedback to become a better blogger and a more experienced investor. The gained knowledge will then pass down to you readers through new blog posts. That being said, I'll throw up some links now to articles that have been exclusively posted through Seeking Alpha for you to read if you are interested:

Oh Dear, Buy some Deere & Company - published April 5th
**Stocks included in this article: DE, CAT

The Great Breakfast War - published April 4th
**Stocks included in this article: MCD, YUM

I hope you all enjoy and would be willing to submit some feedback on each if you read them. They will be most relevant to investors who have a stake in either DE, CAT, MCD, or YUM but should still be open to all for consideration of them if not currently held. Enjoy!


  1. Congrats. Are these paid articles or free ones? Also, just an FYI, get ready for lots of strange comments and opinions; SA is full of them.

    1. Hey IH,

      They're paid articles so I won't be able to post them here other than links to them. They have to remain exclusive to SA. Also, I've definitely seen the trend you're talking about. My second post got quite a few odd comments. Everyone is entitled to their opinion though :)

    2. Congrats, I will be following