Saturday, March 12, 2016

Name Change: Dividend Monster to Dividend Reaper

By now, the site has updated to the new name: Dividend Reaper. This was not a drunk accident or a prank. I know you were all worried but I assure you that it was done with the best intentions. This sudden change has been coming for quite some time but I would like to share the main reasons why.

First off, when I first started this blog back on the 1st of January of the year, I wasn't quite sure where this blog was going to go. When I first started, I was unsure if I would be able to keep with it. I really enjoyed investing. I really enjoyed talking about investing. And most of all, I enjoyed sharing my life with others. I'm very much a talker and it apparently needed an even bigger outlet than simply sharing with my friends in person. With this being said, when I first created it, I rushed to place any name that I could immediately think of into my blogger account to just get the process started. That's where Dividend Monster came from. Little did I know where the blog would be heading to from there.

Unfortunately and fortunately, the blog has really taken off in my life. It has provided a very nice outlet for me to share about my life, my portfolio, and of course my various money making ideas. This means that lots of my time has been dedicated to moving it forward and this only further grew the site. Eventually I reached a point where I knew the site would be something I'd want to continue on with for a long time. My eyes shifted towards grabbing the domain name and that's when reality hit.

I couldn't own the domain name. It's already taken and I can't have it.

Much like a kid in a candy store that couldn't have his way, I had to stomp my feet for a few minutes (months...) and be upset that the name that I chose would not be able to move forward. I've since been looking for another way to grab the name but nothing came up. Since that was the case, I had to look towards changing the name to one that I could actually obtaining the domain name for. This is how I ended up with:

Catchy, right? Anyways, I hope that I have set the website forwarding from the old blogspot address up correctly. Otherwise I may lose a few readers and I sure as heck hope that hasn't happened. I hope that many of you will continue onward with me to reap the next dividends that can be cut our way.

-Dividend Reaper


  1. The name is rather catchy I must admit. Looking at your reasoning for the name change, it does makes sense. And your website forwarding seems to have been set up correctly as I clicked on one of your comments on a different website which you wrote under the Dividend Monster name and it brought me here :)

    1. UK,

      Thanks for being my test subject :). Glad to know that it's working well and glad to have you along. Thanks for the understanding!

      ...pardon the mess while I spiff the site up with the new name :)