Sunday, March 6, 2016

Life: Wine Bar

Last night, my wife and I made our way out for date night. We decided that we would try a place that we had been meaning to try for quite some time but just hadn't gotten the chance to make our way to yet. The sad part is that this place was literally one block away from the last apartment we used to live at but we just continued to make excuses over the years to not go (I'll take the blame for that one...). The good part however is that we finally stopped procrastinating and made our way over.

The place is a small little wine and bistro. It's exactly what you picture when you think of a small, family run, wine getaway. The place is covered from head to toe in brick and wood structures and mountains of wine. When you first walk in, the hostess greets you and then leads you to a small wooden table in front of the wall of wine bottles. In minutes you're settled into your place with a nice full glass of wine. There were no cheap pours at this place! I ordered the red Pino and the wife ordered her favorite Moscato. When I say the pours weren't cheap, I meant it. My glass was poured all the way to the top of where it should be to be able to still gain the perfect aeration of the wine.

This was a great start to the night. It helped to loosen the tension of the past week and open up the conversation between the wife and I. It's not that it's needed but sometimes a big glass of wine is the perfect catalyst for a good conversation. We talked in even more detail than before about our future dreams, current happenings in our lives, and of course our current fears and wants. It made me realize how little we've been able to talk lately since we've been working opposite shifts since the wedding. It's just funny how you can feel like you're still super close to your spouse but then you actually sit, ignore your phones (except to snap a quick photo!), and talk.

This goes hand in hand with the topic that I spoke about last month in my article, Date Your Wife. It's important to remember to do these things when you get married. They help to bring you both back to center and make sure that you're both on the same page. I think that this will serve to further bolster our marriage to any outside forces that would seek to destroy it.

We've decided that moving forward we want to turn our focus outside of our marriage. It's painstakingly obvious that we've been cut off from the friends we used to spend a lot of time with. We haven't been hanging out with any of them lately because when we do get any time off, we try to spend it exclusively with each other so that we can use that time to solidify ourselves. We have however realized that we need to open that envelope a little and invite others out with us. We're going to try to invite another couple that we know next week out to dinner to make it a couple's night out rather than just a night out to ourselves! We'll see how it goes and I'll check back later.

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