Friday, April 8, 2016

Investing Class

Try not to be alarmed when you start seeing me post new pages on the side of the blog that make you feel like you've returned to college. My brother has almost zero investing knowledge and I offered to help by breaking a lot of it down, step by step for him. If you feel like you could gain from any extra knowledge that is presented, please feel free to read it as it is posted. I am hoping to post about one a week as he will be able to use it during his time in the desert (Middle East on deployment). The plan is to go step by step through all of the material that you would have to memorize in order to become a register investment adviser. By presenting this knowledge to him and writing it all myself, both he and I should gain a few things. He will gain a very good base of investment knowledge that spans the most important styles of investing and the terms most used by investors world wide. I on the other hand will gain a deeper understanding of the topics and at the end I should also be ready to sit for the Series 65 as the material will all have been covered other than the most up to date tax/investing laws that have been placed into effect.

Anyways, these articles should start showing up on the side of the blog soon and they will be exclusive to this blog. I won't be posting any of them to Seeking Alpha as they are closer to me and are intended to only be used by my brother to understand the world of investing. Thanks for reading. 

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