Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wealth: Stock Purchase

March comes in like a lion and what a month it has been. While I haven't had a chance to do much of any writing at all for the blog, I've still been moving forward with the dividend scythe mission. For this month's purchase, I decided that instead of moving outwards with new acquisitions, I'd rather add more into an existing position while the pot was cold. 

After a quick look through the portfolio for deals to see what was down and priced to buy, I found that Target (TGT) was in the best position to grow outwards. That being said, I added a few more shares to try to buffer the loss of GNC's dividend cut while I wait for what I expect to be a rebound. And even though from what I read, there may never be a rebound for GNC, I believe that it is positioned to do so and I'm willing to bet what I have left in the company to ride it out.

And really, that's what it's all about when it comes to investing. With any company, there comes risk of failure of that company. Every time we bet on a winner, that bet could also be a big loser. You can't win if you never play the game. Only time will tell whether I'm right with GNC. I just hope it's sooner rather than later so that I can sell higher than I bought in and reinvest the earnings into a better dividend paying company.

Purchase Summary

BUY: 25 TGT @ 53.36/share
Total Purchase: $1,341.07
Additional Annual Dividends: $60

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Wealth: February Dividend Income

Moving forward from February to March, life marches on and so do the dividends! This was a very good month for me - in health, in stocks, and in life. That is no lie.

February was most prominently a great month for my health. I've taken major steps forward with the weight that I've been able to lift in the gym. I've moved from doing three sets of ten on moderately decent weights to lifting four sets of fifteen on high weights and the results are really showing. Where it might just be through my clothing, I know that it is a positive sign for the future if I continue on the path that I am going.

As for stocks, February was also a great month. I feel like I grabbed one of the best companies that I could with the acquisition of QCOM. It's a great company with a strong moat, a long history of dividend payments, and a strong brand name. It's also a name that I am very familiar with since I grew up in San Diego where the company calls home. There were also other potentials that were fairly priced but only QCOM grabbed the monthly funds.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Wealth: Stock Purchase

Hello again, dividend reapers. Today I wanted to go over the purchase of my newest acquisition into the dividend scythe: Qualcomm Inc (QCOM). I've detailed a description of the company, where it currently stands, and where I was able to make my entrance in the video above. If however you want to read instead of watch, the following is a quick breakdown of the company.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Wealth: Stock Alert

Hello again loyal followers and guests. Today I want to talk about one of my potential buys - Tupperware! I have reviewed this company in the past but recent times have changed my outlook on where it stands. This leaves me at a new opinion of the company as a whole and it also left me wanting to share my thoughts.

Tupperware (TUP) is a manufacturer and distributor of multiple Tupperware brands such as the ever so recognizable containers and other not so recognizable lines that follow cosmetics and personal care products. While the company itself has shown little to no real motion other than hills and dips over the last year, the company as a whole still has a lot of buying potential.

One of the key items that has always seemed to stick with me is the product's inability to become irrelevant regardless what portion control items try to do. While our waist lines seem to get bigger and bigger, our ability to make more and more food continues to astound. This leaves the product itself with an ever increasing market. Pair this with the potential for a recession (which will inevitably come) and one has a recipe for a great buy. This is why I intend to purchase shares in the near future.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Happiness: Wine Tasting

Wine - some people love it and some people hate it. Personally, I love the stuff. It can be the perfect fit to a great day or the perfect requirement for a bad one. Whether you have any experience with it or not, wine tasting an be a great activity for the seasoned or the inexperienced and it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to do it. One must simply go into it with an open mind and the willingness to give up a little bit of time to have a lot of enjoyment.

To begin, one must simply have access to wine. You can go to a winery or simply go to the store and pick up a few bottles that you find that look like they might be interesting. The cost doesn't matter - good wine can be found in some of the most surprising places. Don't let anyone tell you any different. Then, once you've got your hands on a bottle (or a few), it's time to start tasting. There are a few things to know however before you start your tasting. By following these steps, you can almost ensure that you will be able to get the most bang out of your buck. Let's get started.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wealth: January Dividend Income

Part of investing in dividend growth stocks is trusting in the process. There are going to be some good months and there are going to be some bad months. The trick is to try to align for dividend payments to be about equal every month. This is a trick that I have not yet mastered. As one can see from last years dividend payments, I might be a little off as far as consistency goes.

I can't give up though. The dividend snowball is a slow moving process at the start as you try to build up a good enough roll to get it moving. While months like this January may have felt small in comparison to some other months or small in comparison to where I thought it might be by now, it is still an amount of money that I wouldn't otherwise have.

It's good to keep this lesson at the forefront of my mind as I don't want to start straying from this path. If I think too much about other "get rich quick" schemes, I may find myself potentially falling for them and that just simply will not do! It simply will not do at all - not one bit! One has to remember the other types of dividends that have been given through the month.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Happiness: Hobbies

I am a man of many hobbies. In fact, my wife could argue that I have one or two or three too many hobbies to fit into one pee sized brain. I believe however that hobbies are one of the world's most important keys to being happy.

Hobbies have been around for what I can only assume is as long as mankind has had the ability to think beyond their more basic needs. Where historically our ancestors may not have had time to think of much other than food, shelter, and survival, most of us have the luxury of thinking beyond those necessities. If that is the case for you, you might have hobbies that include dancing, bike riding, working out, crafting, auto mechanics or much more.

Personally, my hobbies include working out, game design, hunting, playing the guitar, self help studies, and psychology. Whether you share any of these hobbies makes no difference. In fact, there are probably few in the world who share my exact same list of hobbies. That's just yet another great part about them. Hobbies can help make us unique, exciting, and fun to be around. This can then influence others around us in a positive manner. That's not to mention the positive effect that a hobby can have on you, yourself.