Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dividend Income: March

March has come and gone but the dividends go on! With the end of the month comes the collection of dividend payments and the compilation of purchases (2!) made this month. Let's get into it!

March 2016 Dividends:

ARII - American Railcar Industries Inc - $6.80
KSS - Kohls - $6.00
EMR - Emerson Electric - $7.60

Total dividend income for March: $20.40
Total dividend income for 2016: $56.92

Stock purchases for the month of March:

3/4/2016 - KSS - Kohls - 12 shares at $47.50/share
3/14/2016 - ARII - American Railcar Industries Inc - 17 shares at $41.77/share

March was a great month for investing. I came away with two new companies in portfolio and only had to give one of my old companies away (dividend cuts suck!). In addition, I also got to cash in on three dividend payments; two of those payments of course coming from the two newly acquired companies. Although it only totals out to $20.40 in payments for the month and this really just offsets the trade fees, it still ramps up the snowball for more and more payments to come.

With that being said, I've closed in on the amount that was accumulated over the entire year of 2015 in just three months. If you don't remember, in 2015, the total dividend payments were a "whooping" $62.25! I'm hoping that next month, I'll pass this amount and soar on forward! The plan then, going forward, is to add further diversification to the portfolio. I feel like it's a very healthy mix right now but I still feel that it has to gain much further growth outwards rather than upwards.

It's important to always remember to diversify. If there are great companies out there, one should have their hands deep in multiple cookie jars if you catch what I'm trying to throw. This also benefits my intelligence as to invest in any of them, I will have to understand what I'm investing in. This means that I'll have to expand my knowledge base of the industries I'll hope to get into.

That's the plan at least. We will have to see if the plan works out the way I hope it does. I've been keeping my eyes on Wells Fargo and I'm hoping and praying that I can grab a piece of the action while the going on it is good.


  1. Congrats on your two new portfolio stocks. I must admit, I've never researched either one. But since your going for dividends I'm sure they have decent payout ratios. Thanks for sharing.

    1. IH,

      Right you are. Both companies have solid dividend payments. They definitely a little riskier than I'd like but that's the name of the game when you've got to build a big base for the dividend rocket ship to take off.

  2. Although I've not earned as much as you, I've been able to exceed my dividend income for 2015 in just 3 months. Additional capital and DRIPing when possible leads to more and more dividends.

    1. Chris,

      The most important thing is that you started. One foot in front of the other until you reach where you're going. Hell, only a short time ago my portfolio wasn't even making positive payments!

  3. Congrats on growing out your portfolio. I like EMR a lot by the way. It's been with me for many years and I plan to keep that for the foreseeable future. Keep building that dividend income stream. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I do love my EMR. Plan to keep it for as long as I can. Should be interesting to see what I pick up for April once the budget finalizes.