Sunday, April 30, 2017

Wealth: April Dividend Income

Hello everyone and thank you for stopping by for my monthly dividend income report. The dividend reaper was very successful this month. Multiple companies made payments and the dividend scythe swung hard to collect all that could be taken. This left my family with $45.51 in total dividends received by the scythe this month. This is slightly lower than the expected average payment per month but that is to be expected given that it's a monthly average and not a guaranteed monthly breakdown.

The key is to simply stay on track. Each month, as long as the received are larger than the previous years (given little/no surprises), that month should be seen as a success. That being said, this month has been a huge success. The scythe shows a 230% increase YOY for this month's dividend income. One can't complain when leaps forward are at that big of an increase.

In addition, the blog saw numerous posts as I was able to clear out some time in my schedule to get some writing done. Of these, I've started a series that I plan on writing more of that details different types of budgets that can be made. I feel that by doing this I can supply something of worth to those who find their way to this blog. The thought is that if a person makes their way here, they could find an interest in dividend growth investing. If that's the case, they will be best suited if they can budget correctly and use the proceeds to invest larger sums into their own scythes for continued success.

April also brought a few trades. This month, I sold my position in General Electric (GE) for an excellent 22% profit on sale. The proceeds of that sale were then used in conjunction with the 55% savings that the wife and I pulled this month to grab one new position and more of a previous. The new entry was had this month into Southern Company (SO). I was able to grab quite a few shares while they have been depressed and I also added another $1500 towards Target (TGT) because their price was just too good to overlook. It did put the portfolio a little tilted towards Target (TGT) but sometimes that can happen when a stock is basically on a fire sale. One has to take advantage of these when they present themselves.

Now, let's detail the month:

April Dividends Received

GE - $6.00
STAG - $1.75
RCL - $5.28
WMT - $8.16
RAI - $15.81
KO -$8.51

Total April 2017 Dividends: $45.51
Total 2017 Dividends Collected: $204.83

Total April 2016 Dividends: $13.75
Percent Dividend Gain YOY: 230% increase


  1. You said it, "...simply stay on track." It's often easier said than done but one must always look at all the small battles won as our passive income stream continues to grow. Great results for the month of April. Your year over year increase speaks volumes. I like the SO pick up but would have stuck it out with GE. Still, a nice profit was realized. Keep up the good work.

    1. I have been thinking for awhile about whether I would let go of GE. It ultimately came down to feeling like if I sell now, I can buy back in when the harsh headwinds they face are over. That is, if I haven't found something better.

  2. Haha great writing including the scythe. Congrats on the year over year improvement. Keep it up. Your killing it

    1. Thank you, PCI. Appreciate you stopping by!

  3. Very nicely done, that is a massive increase year over year. You would have to be happy with that.

    1. No complaints at all! Hope to see more in the future!

  4. Thanks for the update. I added to TGT as well. While, most people say you should just invest in index funds since it is hard to beat the market, buying great companies when their stock price is on sale like this is one way to do it. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Percent Dividend Gain YOY: 230% increase that's amazing