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Hello and welcome! Since you've chosen to click the link that says "Start Here" I'll assume that this is your first time to If I'm correct, let me first introduce myself. My wife calls me "hey you" but you can call me Reaper. I built this website for a number of reasons.

Firstly, I built it to keep track of my passive income portfolio that has been dubbed the dividend scythe. It's called this because it tracks dividend payments that have been made by the stocks that I own that will ultimately help me and my lovely wife retire early. These payments come at no cost to my wife or I, and I do not need to sell anything to obtain them. I need simply be a stock holder in the companies that choose to issue them and wait as the dividend scythe grows ever larger.

Secondly, I built this website to help others achieve this dream as well. While I may not be a registered adviser, I can offer view points and educational tools that I wish I had when I was first getting my start into investing. This can help anyone put together their own dividend scythe for cleaving through life until early retirement. That being said, I promise that while sharing my view points and wisdom, I will not try to sell you or anyone else my strategies. I will simply share what I do and you can each decide what you would like to do with that information. What I share on this website is simply provided in the hope that we can all gain a lot from even a little bit of shared experience. If you don't agree with my view points, please feel free to give your own in the comment section of each post as I would love to have a humble discussion, and maybe we can both learn a thing or two from each other.

Lastly, I built this website as a life tool. While it's all well and dandy that we all get to retirement early, it is unfortunately not the truth for all of us. Some of us will stray and some of us will sell everything before we ever really get our own dividend scythes running smoothly. As is the case, I will also post about things that I feel can help all of us in either our health, our wealth, or our happiness.

All of this being said, welcome again to my website and I hope that you enjoy what I have to share. If you ever have any questions, feel free to email me through the tool on the side of the website or simply email me at Or if you don't like email, you can Tweet me @dividendreaper or if you hate both forms of communication, come say hi on my Youtube channel - DividendReaper.

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