Saturday, April 1, 2017

Wealth: March Dividend Income

March 2017 Dividend Income

GME - $30.40
ARII - $6.80
QCOM - $15.37
STAG - $1.75
TGT - $9.00
EMR - $7.68
LB - $4.80
WFC - $8.36

Total March 2017 Dividend Income: $84.16
Total March 2016 Dividend Income: $20.40
Percent Increase: 312% increase

Now that March has come and gone, it's evident that the Dividend Scythe has been hard at work. If we're only looking at the change from the previous year to the current year, the percent increase has been phenomenal! It's enough for me to even wish for a positive increase year over year but an over 300% increase from last year is exactly what I want to see and more! Moving forward, I'm sure that I probably won't see these high percentages as it will be harder to see huge jumps as the portfolio grows but it's incredibly pleasing on the eyes as I get to look at it now. 

That being said, this ship doesn't run itself! Well, that's a lie - it mostly does all the work without me. Even still, it requires a tiny bit of oversight to keep the ship cruising in the right direction. At this current time, I want to continue to build outwards with the current holdings. This past month, numerous deals have opened up with holdings that I already have. One such holding is Target (TGT). While I wanted to build outwards until I had about 20 total holdings in the portfolio, attractive buys like TGT don't come around often. This leaves me at a crossing. 

Do I spend the money that I have ready to deploy into more TGT stock? Or do I turn my eyes towards other new companies as I have already intended? Yields like the one currently hovering over TGT are hard to ignore and I don't want to sit here and simply avoid it just to be prideful in my original plan as life hardly ever really goes how you expect it to. On the other hand, I don't want to have my portfolio anything less than 20 total holdings as I feel that it does not diversify enough to weather itself against coming storms. 

If I were to avert my eyes to other companies that I do not otherwise have, I would have to say that the most attractive buys are either TROW, VFC, or SAFT. All three have unique characteristics that I find increasingly hard to ignore. TROW and VFC for obvious reasons. SAFT on the other hand is almost built to be an even more savory buy because of the low debt requirements of insurance as an industry. If any of you have opinions on the matter, I would love to hear them in the comments below.  Until next time! 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Miracle. Hopefully these good YOY changes can continue!

  2. Solid results for the month with an impressive year over year gain. Keep doing what you're doing. I'm also liking VFC and TROW too and have it as a potential pick for an April buy. I don't plan on initiating any new positions in April as I did start two in March (HRL & LTC). Great dividend results!

    1. I haven't looked into HRL or LTC before. Worth diving deeper into?

  3. Very nice increase over last years result. You should be very pleased with that. Keep it going and keep it increaseing, well done.

    1. I definitely am. Can't tell you how many times I've second guessed myself along the way though! Good to have the blog here during those times to keep me accountable.

  4. Awesome report Dividend Reaper. An increase is an increase, but over 300% is great. I'm actually looking into HRL myself and may add it to my portfolio soon.

  5. Very disappointing. You couldn't get to over a 350% year-over-year increase. ;-). Seriously, 300% is amazing. Keep up the good work.