How to Budget

Why hello there! Welcome to the budgeting section of! If you've clicked on the link to bring you here, you're probably looking for some guidance on how to create your own budget. If you're not, you probably meant to click the link that brings you to the David Blaine street magic parody. In that case, I'm sorry and I've thankfully linked you to the correct link above.

If on the other hand you are here to learn how to budget, you've come to the right place! Budgeting can be really hard if you have no experience using them. That's why I've started this page to link you to any and all posts that have been made on different budgets. These links will bring you to various posts that show you how to create different types of budgets, how to successfully use them, and their potential pitfalls (for those of you who love to find the pitfalls first). 

Thus far, these are the posts that have been made regarding budgets:

Types of Budgets:

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