Saturday, December 2, 2017

November Update

Dividend Update
And I'm back for more! November is over and that means the dividends have to be tallied and shared.

  • STAG: $1.76
  • ABBV: $6.40
  • PG: $44.13
  • VZ: $14.75
  • T: $44.59
  • Total: $111.63
All in all, it was a great month for dividends. Compared to the $25.89 received last year, the $111.63 received this year feels great! It's exactly what you want to see when you expect the dividend snow ball to really start rolling. 

Life Update
Life has been busy! This last month/month and a half has been chalk full of working on editing my novel, working on my insurance designation, and preparing for the little man to arrive (3 months left!).
The novel has been going well. I just finished my first full edit of it last night and I now have to move on to the plot holes that I found along the way. Once that's finished, I plan on printing the first copy and handing it to my wife for our Christmas book exchange and then giving it one final read through before publishing it to Amazon like my other previous works. 

As for my insurance designation, I have two tests left. The first of the two will be taken soon in the next couple weeks and the last will be taken (hopefully) right before the little man is delivered. Hopefully, for my sake, he decides to wait it out until I can get it finished. The tests are incredibly hard and I'd hate to have to study for them with a complete lack of sleep. It feels a little selfish but at the same time, if my son comes early, it's bad for him as well. So with enough luck he'll wait and finish cookin' in momma's easy bake oven until I'm done! :)

Finally, we've been doing as much work as possible with the spare bedroom that used to be used as my home office/gaming room. We've moved everything out of it and rearranged the living room to fit the computer/desk to be moved out into it and we've started moving things into what will now be the nursery. Buffalo plaid is the main scheme we're going with and we made little man a little tie blanket to match and put it over the little rocker we picked up for Mrs. DR. It's really coming together! 

Moving forward, things will only start to pick up speed. As little man's delivery date grows closer and closer and the new year arrives, there will be more and more opportunities to grab life by the teeth and I very much intend to. Thank you for reading my update and I hope you're all well. 


  1. Love the life updates Reaper. It has to be exciting closing in on so many major life events...publishing your first novel, a little one arriving....amazing. Cannot wait to be in your shoes one day. Also - congrats on that AMAZING dividend increase. Again, great things all around.


    1. It is exciting, Bert. A little nerve racking sometimes but still exciting! :)

  2. Hi DR, you've certainly got a lot on your plate, and now you've got to add in the holidays! Hang in there. As for the dividends, PG and T are working hard for you, I see. Just an amazing YoY increase.
    If you haven't thought about it already, don't forget to start saving for the little man's college education as soon as he's born. I wish I had started a little earlier than I did. It's amazing how expensive college is these days... certainly way much more than when I attended. Take care.

    1. Oh no worries there. A college fund is the first thing we're going to start for him right before he's born. Can't go without it!

  3. That is a massive increase from last year. Keep up the great work, that growth every month would be phenomenal, that is amazing. Well done

  4. Thanks for sharing a lot of your personal updates with us. Your routine sounds very familiar in anticipation of your little one. We did the same with our other bedroom, moving computers out and baby furniture in, etc. Solid jump with your dividend income too. Keep up the good work!

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