Monday, July 3, 2017

June Dividend Income

July is here and that means more sun, less rain, and a vacation to the family cabin is on the horizon. It also apparently means that our patio has become a nest for black widow spiders. Just the other day I was tending to the banana peppers that I planted seeds for and as I was transplanting the saplings over to larger pots I noticed a big blob of white that appeared to be mold attached to the outside of one of them. Thinking that I had over watered the plants, I grabbed at the blob to remove it from the side of the pot. As soon as I grabbed it, a large black widow popped out and attempted to attack me.

Thankfully, I channeled my inner fifteenth level dwarf fighter and smacked it against the railing of our third story balcony before it could get me. Unfortunately I still held a ball of web in my hands and it was only upon further inspection that I realized that I was holding a giant sac of black widow eggs. Without thinking I frantically leaped around like a spider monkey and the sac ended up sticking to the side of the railing. This left me with two options: deal with the problem like an adult or burn the whole apartment complex down.

I’m happy to report that the apartment complex still stands. I successfully picked up the ball of eggs, transferred it to a garbage bag, and disposed of it in a very far off dumpster on the other side of the apartment complex. All in all, I think it was a job well done. The only thing that my wife still thinks about is the fact that we have no idea where “Momma Widow” ended up. While I believe that I’ve taught her a lesson, my wife seems to think that she has phoned in reinforcements and has planned a counter attack at a later date. Only time will tell!

But let’s move on. All black widows aside, June was an incredible month for dividends. Here’s the breakdown:

ARII - $6.80
QCOM - $16.53
GME - $30.40
LB - $34.80
STAG - $1.75
TGT - $47.40
EMR - $7.68
SO - $16.24
WMT - $8.16
WFC - $8.36

Total June 2017 Dividends: $178.12
Total June 2016 Dividends: $36.34
YOY Growth: 390% growth

Total 2017 Dividends Received: $420.73 
(blew past the total dividends from 2016 which totaled: $322.91)


  1. Good story. Definally wouldn't like to have black widows around. Great income and massive year over year growth keep it up!

    1. It's not bad at all. I'd love if next month would show the same huge leap forward but I'm not silly enough to believe it will happen. Regardless, great to see the snowball moving forward.

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  3. That is a truly massive growth since last year. Keep up the excellent work, well done to you! Keep it climbing up and in many years you will reap the true benefits. Awesome stuff

    1. It's hard when you're in the beginning stages of the dividend snow ball but once it starts to roll it really starts to roll.

  4. Wow what a great YoY results. Keep up the good work and your snowball will get great momentum!.



    1. Thanks, Pollie. One can only hope this pace continues indefinitely!

  5. Congrats on a great month and half-year results! It's awesome seeing the percentage increase and very motivating at the same time.
    We have LB,QCOM,EMR and WMT in common, although I'm behind in my updates for June.
    Best wishes,

  6. Good year over year increase,and it looks like we own same amount shares in WMT.

  7. Wow, that is a monster increase of 390%. Great news! Congrats on making the right decisions and growing your passive income.

  8. That is some awesome growth. Only half way through the year and you already surpassed all last year. Plenty of time to go to set new records. Keep it up!

  9. Nice. You crushed your 2016 results. Gotta love June, it's always a big divi month.

  10. Great job! Impressive YOY growth. By the next year you should well double that.