Monday, May 22, 2017

New Acquisition: LB

New Acquisition: L Brands (LB)

Purchase: 50 shares of LB @ 49.19/share
Total Purchase Price: $2,466.45

Previous Projected Annual Dividends: $868.99
New Projected Annual Dividends: $988.99

Previous Projected Monthly Dividends: $72.41
New Projected Monthly Dividends: $82.46


  1. That's an interesting pick up. You don't really see LB a lot in our DGI portfolios. I understand the buy though. The stock has really come down a lot the last six months or so and that yield looks really, really juicy too and appears to be very safe. Congrats on that extra passive income!

    1. I'm actually surprised that it's not more of a trend. The stock itself is shockingly resilient and they have a long history of dividend payments. I've wanted to put more into it for awhile but I was waiting for it to get to my price target (between $45-50).