Thursday, March 2, 2017

Wealth: February Dividend Income

Moving forward from February to March, life marches on and so do the dividends! This was a very good month for me - in health, in stocks, and in life. That is no lie.

February was most prominently a great month for my health. I've taken major steps forward with the weight that I've been able to lift in the gym. I've moved from doing three sets of ten on moderately decent weights to lifting four sets of fifteen on high weights and the results are really showing. Where it might just be through my clothing, I know that it is a positive sign for the future if I continue on the path that I am going.

As for stocks, February was also a great month. I feel like I grabbed one of the best companies that I could with the acquisition of QCOM. It's a great company with a strong moat, a long history of dividend payments, and a strong brand name. It's also a name that I am very familiar with since I grew up in San Diego where the company calls home. There were also other potentials that were fairly priced but only QCOM grabbed the monthly funds.

Finally, in life I received further gifts. My brother just found out he will be having his first son and I therefore just found out that I will be gaining my first nephew! Words can't express how proud and happy I am that this news came as I know how important it is for my brother to have a son. Even though it took three tries and we all thought he may continue to be further outnumbered by his wife and daughters, it turns out that the third time is actually the charm!

But I digress as this is foremost a post to share the dividend income received for the month of February. The results are as follows:

February Dividends Received

STAG - $1.75
ABBV - $6.40
YUM - $2.10
VZ - $14.44
T - $15.19

Total February 2017 Dividends: $39.88
February 2016 Dividends: $3.22
Difference: +$36.66

Total 2017 Dividends: $75.16


  1. Nice gain with your dividends on a year over year basis. Keep at it. You are headed in the right direction. Is the KKD photo just to encourage your time spent in the gym? Congrats too on being a future uncle to a boy.

    1. Thanks, Divhut. I'm just glad that it dividends are going up! As for the KKD - they were a nice reward after all the hard work for my one rest day :)

  2. Very nice increase, year over year you would have to be pretty happy with that. Cheers

  3. That is over 1,000% increase year over year. I bet that feels good. Keep up the great work.