Monday, January 23, 2017

Wealth: Stock Purchase

At first glance, the Dividend Reaper monthly budget was looking pretty terrible. First, the Christmas trip back to my home town took a nice deep cut into the vacation fund. Second, I purchased a new rifle for Christmas. Third, we had to decided to get my wife her first pair of designer jeans.

That last one was definitely a splurge. Honestly though, it seems like a good investment. Mrs. Dividend Reaper takes extremely good care of her things and we hardly ever have to replace any of her things. Pair that with the fact that she deals with me and you have a recipe for deserving a nice pair of jeans (for the first time in her life). If we're being extremely honest however, my purchase of a new rifle took the cake as far as large line items.

I digress. We're here to talk about what we did with the remaining balance after all was said and done in December and the beginning half of January. That I am happy to admit is not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Admittedly, it was much less than normal. However, both the wife and I worked both the Christmas and New Years shift so we obtained even more than usual through the nice boost that overtime pay provides.

With this excess amount, I decided to set my eyes to acquiring more of a stock that I have wanted to acquire more of for a long while. That stock is Gamestop (GME). This is not a new entrance into the company per se but it is an additional purchase into what I deem to be one hell of a company.

Don't let the price fool you. Even though the name Gamestop (GME) makes it appear that they only make their revenue through the purchase and sale of video games, the company is far from a one trick pony. In fact, they have adapted well to the diminishing trend of video game sales. They have been moving a lot of assets into new Mac retailers and the collectible markets. Both of these provide an increasingly large revenue stream that I believe will become their new model.

That being said, I will break down the purchase below:

Purchased 60 shares of GME @ 23.915/share
Total purchase: $1,444.89
Additional Annual Dividend to the Dividend Scythe: $88.80

New Projected Total Dividend Income:  $670.17


  1. Very nice post there. I like the crossing out of had to and changed to decided to. Seems like someone is twisting your arm there. All the best.

    1. I like to add some humor :). The wife reads the blog every now and then. Can't be spared!

    2. Well if she is watching then we better use that humour for some good! haha Cheers

  2. Interesting pick up to say the least. GME is a name you never see cropping up among our fellow investing peers. On the surface it looks interesting. A very high current yield with a sustainable payout ratio along with a pretty good value as well. Keep collecting those dividends. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I like GameStops dividend. It makes a nice addition to my dividend income stream. You can get one or 2 new videos games with that dividend. Thanks for sharing.