Friday, July 1, 2016

Dividend Income: June

Dividends, dividends everywhere! That’s how I feel looking back at my dividend income for the month of June. Wow, what an incredible turn out for the stocks that I own. It’s really great when all the chips come down at almost the exact same time. Pair this month’s huge amount of payouts with the current upward trend of all my stocks now that everything is rebounding from the Brexit news and my week has been nothing short of incredible to watch.

Months like these remind me just how far I’ve come from the start of the portfolio. When I first started I was barely getting anything out of each month’s dividend payments. My eyes would get tired just thinking about how long I thought it might take to finally see some noticeable movement in my portfolio with dividend payments alone. I was seeing the good capital gains in the portfolio (unrealized) but I wasn’t seeing the true power of the dividend payments. I was simply believing that one day they would start to roll in at a more noticeable rate.

That month has finally come even though the total payment is still only just barely a drop in the bucket when you think about it. Regardless, it makes me feel so much better to see months like this when everything happens all at once. It gives support to the future vision of what the payments will be in the future when I collect even more companies that I love and invest even more in those that I already own that I wish to hold more of. With that being said, let’s compile them together and show what has come in for the month of June.

American Railcar – ARII - $6.80
GameStop – GME - $7.40
L Brands – LB - $4.80
STAG Industrial – STAG - $1.74
Emerson Electric – EMR - $7.60
Walmart – WMT - $8.00

Total Dividends Paid in June 2016: $36.34

What a year I’ve had so far in 2016. It’s completely crushing the previous year of 2015 and we’re only barely over halfway through the year! This month’s dividend payments have come together to equal the highest monthly pay out that the Dividend Scythe has seen to date. It also serves to breach the $100 total dividend income for the year which helps to shatter the goal this year of breaching $100 total in dividend payments. I can’t wait to see where it will be at the very end of the year when all the payments are in. I know that I shouldn’t wish for time to go by quickly because time is valuable but it’s so hard not to wish to be there already when you’re seeing progress and growth.

Anyways, onto bigger and better things in the future! Hope to continue to see all of you in the comments section of my various posts through the next month. Let me know how your own portfolios did this last month in the comments section of this post. I’d love to see where my readers are with their own goals.


  1. Niceeeee, super satisfying to set a new high, eh? Congrats and stay the course!

    1. It was oh so very satisfying! Thanks for the support and I will definitely continue to do so!

  2. Thanks for sharing your dividend income with us. Looks like you are rocking along generating that passive income. I have to say, your dividend payers are pretty unique. You don't really see ARII, GME or LB in many of the dividend portfolios among our fellow dividend bloggers. Not that there's anything wrong with those companies, it's just rare to see. Just goes to show the variety of dividend payers that exist.

    1. You're right - I don't see them as core holdings in a lot of DGI blogs. That doesn't make them bad holdings though. I would argue that they have very solid numbers and I expect them to continue to do well in the future. The only one I do wonder about is ARII. I'm waiting for some oil bounce back to see that stock take off :)