Monday, June 20, 2016

Update: Currently Stacking Cash

Sorry to go dark on communications and posts for a while, followers. Life has been quite crazy for the last couple weeks as they transition me to a new position at work. With the move comes a whole new set of rules, information, and of course training. That being said, it’s been very time consuming and my brain has been less than capable of writing or reviewing much in the way of stocks.

This won’t be forever however as there is always an end to whatever hardship comes at us in life. Such is the way of things! You have to be ready to tuck and roll at any time. Looking forward however, I will admit that I’ve had a hard time of things looking at potential stock buys for the month of June. I’m sitting on my investing cash for now and just eying out the different options.

Over the last few months it seems to have been pretty easy to see where things were dipping but this month there have been few to no deals in my opinion. That makes it very hard to know where to throw the money. I don’t want to get myself into the trap of feeling like I have to put my money into something though. A good option can sometimes be to simply hold on to your cash when the market is going through various swings. Cash is the great equalizer it would seem.

Even though this is admittedly the case, I feel that there are some stocks that are worth mentioning on my horizon. Right now I have been keeping my eye on OHI and BA. OHI is on the radar because of the low evaluation and the very probable high outlook for the future of the business. Society is aging and OHI seems to be out front ahead of it planning to make capital off of it. You’ve got to respect that kind of forward thinking. As for BA, there are few big players in the airline industry. Even though they can be hit very hard by oil if it does decide to swing back to the other way with the pendulum, for now that is just a thought in the back of the mind. Their main competitor, Airbus has been struggling but BA seems to have been able to stand very well. These are just the two I’ve been keeping an eye on though. I could also just choose to average down on some of my most recent investments that are still waiting for their upswings.

GME would be a great stock in my opinion to load even more capital into. They still have a great business model and they know how to make money. I don’t really get why the stock has taken a further tumble lately but that is to be expected of any business at any time when the market gets upset. We will see what happens but I will make sure to keep everyone posted as we move forward here.

Happy hunting!

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