Saturday, June 25, 2016

Brexit Deals

Brexit this, Brexit that, blah blah blah! It's all hearsay that is all together a scare tactic that has definitely made a huge impact on the market. Granted, it does have some effect in the overall scheme of things but it doesn't really effect the market as a whole. That being said, a smart investor must look at the long term outlook. There are deals to be had!

It's hard though isn't it? It's hard to think about anything other than the huge amount of money being lost in your own portfolio while all of these changes occur in the market. I know my own portfolio has seen a huge drop since the announcement of Brexit. I can only imagine how some other portfolios look.

As this is the case, I write this post if only to remind those with larger portfolios to look at the larger picture. We need to remember to look past the current loses and look at the further gains that could be made by buying in while prices are low. And prices are certainly a lot lower than they have been for the last couple months with the news of Brexit. While I don't believe that this is the bottom just yet, I know that I myself will be prepared when they do hit bottom in what I would guess will take a few weeks time to come.

If you've been following my last couple posts, you've seen that I've been keeping my eye on BA. Thanks to the news of Brexit, my entry into BA should be at a much lower price. Just got to keep my eyes on the prize and then jump on in! Happy hunting boys and girls!


  1. Bottom line... cool and calm heads should prevail. As you said, it's all hearsay and the reality is that no one knows what the near term future will hold. Look how wrong the world got the Brexit vote to begin with assuming a remain vote would win. Stay the course...

    1. That I will do, DivHut. I'm just hoping most of my fellow dividend investors do the same! :)