Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sold: Kohl's

I'm always sad when I have to sell a piece of the portfolio but sometimes you need to know when to get out of a losing battle. If you remember, I acquired Kohl's when I moved out of my position with The Gap a few months ago. Thankfully I dodged the huge bullet that hit The Gap just a few days after I sold it but I was not as lucky with Kohl's.

I had thought that even with the weak Q1 results that even if they were marginally higher than their previous results that it might drive the price up and it would preserve the dividends but I was wrong. The stock has gone the complete opposite direction with the horrid Q1 results that were released. As the dividend appears that it may be in trouble soon, I sold my position at around a 25% loss this morning to preserve what was left of the stake.

At this time I am unsure where I will be putting the left overs from the sale of the stock but I will make sure to do just that much more homework on my next pick to try to ensure this doesn't happen again. However, as an investor it is very important to learn from the losses more than you learn from the gains. If there is no learning, one can hardly hope to get better for the future. The final results are as follows:

Sold Kohl's (KSS) - 12 shares - @35.21 - total price: $412.52


  1. almost have same amount of shares, I am not sure if I want to sell or hold it for few more months.

    1. It's a tough one. I got out because I've lost faith in their model. I had a lot of faith when I first bought in due to their past but I feel that their model has simply run out of gas with all the competition that is out there. There is not much of a competitive edge. Better to cut the losses and admit I was wrong in the investment. But who knows, it could turn around!