Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New SA Post: Macerich Company

I've published another premium article with Seeking Alpha. This time I have posted my review of the retail REIT, Macerich Company (MAC). I really enjoyed reviewing it. 

They are one of the better retail REITs in my opinion. Even though they have had some downs in the last few years, they have brought themselves back up. It appears largely due to the fact that they have been selling off various parts of their holdings for what I can only expect are future troubles. 

I like to see this with REITs because it shows that they can take initiatives when cuts need to be made through their holdings. There is not a whole lot of point in keeping around a dying calf. If it needs to be shot or sold, it's got to be done. Regardless, take a look if you're interested in a retail REIT for a tax-differed account. 

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