Friday, February 19, 2016

Essentials Tag

As you may have noticed, I've been posting some articles lately that appear to be aimed at a younger investing crowd. These articles are what I like to refer to as the essentials. I plan on continuing to post articles like these in the future to bring younger investors up to speed if up until this point they have been blindly throwing darts at stocks or completely ignoring investing. I post links to my blog on social media to try to pinpoint these young or potential investors to show them that investing is not as barred to them as they had previously thought.

With enough of these essentials, pretty much anyone should feel like they have a great hold on all the items they need in order to start actually understanding companies that they wish to invest in. Granted, as a dividend growth investor, my posts will be mostly aimed at pieces that I feel are important to dividend growth investors but there may be items outside of this realm that I feel also help us analyze companies of interest. 

With this being said, I have since tagged these posts appropriately under the tag "essentials" so that those who are interested can more easily find them. As a message to those who do not find a need for these types of posts, you can simply scroll past them or stay and read them while also noting other items within the subject in the comments that may be useful to young investors. I think this will greatly help those who so desperately need the help.

Stock trading should be something that we all try to understand as best we can and it should also be our job once we become seasoned investors to educate those who have not yet dipped into the trade. If we neglect to do so, we reject those who were likely very much like our past selves prior to obtaining thriving portfolios and the knowledge on how to obtain them. Whether or not you agree that it is our duty to provide this information is your own issue but I myself will be doing everything in my power to try to assist those who have questions and find even the slightest bit of interest in the subject and I hope that I am not alone. 

Thank you,

-Dividend Monster

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