Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Make Money: Youtube

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In today's article, we'll cover the topic of making money on Youtube.

What is Youtube?

If you've been living under a rock and you are unsure what Youtube is; Youtube is a video sharing website where pretty much anyone can upload and share their videos. It is an extremely successful site and with it comes the opportunity to score some cash that could mean an even earlier retirement as you can utilize that cash to flow even more funds towards your dividend portfolio. 

How to make money with it:

In order to make money with Youtube, you'll have to first create an account. This is an easy first step. You can simply go to Youtube, sign up for an account (usually a button on the top of the page) and within minutes you'll have a functional channel that they set up for you. It's bare bones but you can start posting videos immediately. 

The next step is to start thinking about what kind of videos you will be uploading. It's important to try to revolve your whole channel around a core idea so that those who find you are more likely to not only watch a video you post but also will be interested in other videos that you have posted other than the one that first linked them to your Youtube space. Once you have your idea, customize your channel with pictures of what you'll be blogging about as your main channel picture and also add a small description to your channel of what you'll be posting. This only serves to further your connection to your target audience. 

Once you've set the channel picture and included a friendly description of what you'll be posting, it's time to start creating content. If Youtube works as it currently does (1/7/2016), you'll be limited as to how much you can do with the channel until you reach a certain number of hits but you can still earn from the channel. Regardless, pick up your camera and see if you have any videos already on it and see if any of them fit the bones of your channel description. If any of them fit the mold and they don't violate any of the code of conduct for Youtube, start posting them to give a good body to your channel. This will help others understand who you are and give a face to your channel. 

After you've done this or even if you don't have any videos at all previously at your disposal to add to your channel that you yourself have filmed, you'll want to think about new content that you'll be adding. A great first video that lots of people upload is simply a video of yourself introducing yourself and explaining what your channel will be about. If you have other ideas that are better than that, simply shoot them with your camera and upload them. Remember that you're going to want to attract others to your channel in order to make a steady revenue from Youtube as pay will be based on how many hits your videos gain once monetized. 

You can bring in more people by remembering to use the tags that Youtube allows you to use on videos. This is what others will use to find your videos as they are used as search words in search engines and on Youtube's search function in order to show others your videos. Fill that bar up with as many words as you can use to describe your videos and channel to attract as many people as possible to your videos. Anytime someone searches on a search engine and types in any of those words, they run a chance at finding your videos. 

If your content is good or you blast them all over your Facebook to attract others, you'll soon have even a small following. Now it's time to get your channel to make you money. As I mentioned earlier, your cash flow from your channel will depend on how many hits or how many people view your videos as they will be creating revenue for Youtube by watching ads that companies have paid Youtube to have as advertisements on your videos. These ads will not begin playing on your videos unless you first monetize your channel. 

Youtube currently uses Adsense as their way of monetizing videos. When you upload a video, there will be an option on set up that asks if you would like to monetize your videos. Simply click yes and enable your AdSense account to Youtube. If you don't already have one, you'll want to go to Google AdSense and sign up for one - given that you're able to (IE: of age, tax info, etc). Once completed, every video you post will have the option given to quickly tie it to your AdSense account which will generate cash for you based on how many views your videos get and how many people see the ads that you've enabled on your videos. 

Now you've successfully created a channel, posted content, and have started making some cash with your AdSense account. That was easy, right? Making money with Youtube is extremely easy but making a good amount of it is the hard part. You'll have to spend time trying to market your videos around the internet via link posting on various other websites around the internet to really bring in people to your videos. If they catch on, you can quickly find yourself knee deep in some of that good ol' fashion internet money. 

Ways to make MORE money from Youtube:

If I haven't given you enough yet and you want more tips on how to maximize the gains from your Youtube account, here are some other helpful tips. First off, make sure that every video that you post is posted to Facebook. Facebook is such a great tool for marketing and the best part is that you don't have to pay anything for that exposure. If a video is liked by a few of your friends, they'll likely quickly repost it and bring even more people to your circle of views on your videos. The degree of separation on Facebook is incredible and this gives you the ultimate chance at a large market. 

Eventually, if your videos really catch on, you'll be given the option to become a Youtube Partner. At this current time, this requires you to have a cumulative view count of about 15,000 on your site. Anyone can apply to become a Partner with Youtube but usually only 15,000 view channels (typically having to be made within 90 days) or higher are approved for the access to other content that can be used to really "spiff" up your channel. 

If you are on the quest to quickly obtain partnership, you'll need to be on top of your marketing. This means not only posting your videos to Facebook but also to other sites such as Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger, Myspace, and other avenues for views to come into your channel. These websites are the keys to the castle in many ways. First off, it helps your video be seen by multiple people who may like your videos. Secondly, it gives you the chance to connect with your audience. These various sites all enable you to respond to comments that your audience wishes to give you regarding your videos. This could be good, bad, or simply constructive. The important part is to actually listen to what your audience is asking for and make changes for the better if you feel they are required. 

Now it's your turn:

Have you ever given Youtube a try? In what way has it worked or not worked for you?

Thanks for reading.


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